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Warleigh Weir is situated on working agricultural land but has become a popular wild swimming site near Bath, about a thirty minute cycle ride away down the Kennet & Avon Canal (exit at Claverton Pumping Station). Unfortunately, parking is not available and cars are not welcome on the site. It is managed by the Canal River & Trust and also the Warleigh Weir Project, though there is no active supervision or management of the site, so it's important you understand the safety risks before swimming. These safety risks also mean it is not recommended for younger children.

Please also note there are no formal amenities such as restrooms or changing rooms on site. Please bring your own water and food. Barbecues are not allowed, but picnics are - provided you clean up all your rubbish. There are some trees for shade, but no other designated shelter. 

From the Warleigh Weir Project website:

The Warleigh Weir Project has been setup to promote the sustainable use of the countryside with a view to get people to engage with the nature that surrounds them.

It is hoped that, through this engagement, people will make more conscious decisions on how to live their lives in a more sustainable and environmentally considerate way.

The Warleigh Island is privately owned land. There is no right of public access to the land. Access is a privilege and users must respect the site accordingly.

In order to maintain site access users must take away all their rubbish as well as any other rubbish they find. Visitors are encouraged to donate £1-2 per person in the donation box, but this is not mandatory.

This website gives information about the Warleigh Weir Project and what it aims to achieve. There is also some very important safety information on this site.

If you wish to discuss your involvement with the project please get in contact via the email address

In order to get to Warleigh Weir and the river island you must first:

  • Walk down a steep and narrow track with passing vehicles
  • Cross over the warminster train line (trains travelling at 90+ mph) which does not have a bridge or level crossing.  Trains come in both directions and there is a risk of tripping or even feet getting stuck
  • Walk past cows which are NOT pets and could potentially charge
  •  Climb over a fence stile which is not intended for pedestrian use

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