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If you're looking for something different to do that adults can enjoy as much as the kids, then Dick Willow's Cider Barn might be just the thing. 

Situated near the American Museum on Claverton Hill with views not too dissimilar to something out of the Swiss Alps, Dick Willow's brings you not only crisp, cool cider, but also nibbles and bites from a rotating fleet of food trucks, a big, open barn for shade, reggae tunes from the DJ at the bar, and - crucially - wide open spaces for your little ones to run around, with nearby grazing sheep and a shallow stream to explore. 

Open for drinks only on Saturdays from 1pm you'll be greeted first by the friendliest stewards who man the car park and gravelled entrance and will point you in the direction of what feels like Somerset's best kept secret. 

No need to book ahead, guests are welcome to spread out on blankets on the grass if no tables are available. Kids welcome too, the path is a little steep and slippery but with some skill buggies and pushchairs are able to make their way to the barn. Check the website to see which food truck will be on site. Parking and entry are free. 

Dick Willow's Cider Barn - image 1
Dick Willow's Cider Barn - image 1

Opening Hours

Saturday13:00 - 21:00

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