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Victoria Park's playground is so big it could almost qualify as a theme park. There is so much to do and to play on it feels quicker to list the things you can't find in this play area.

For toddlers

There are several toddler friendly climbing frames, spring riders, round abouts, sandpits and slides as well as an incredibly popular red bus, complete with steering wheel, seats, open top section and slide for quick exit! 

There are also big safety swings, buddy swings and baby swings available on the grounds. 

For older children

The older children will love all the adventure available to them in the park. A tree log swing, netted climbing structure, various inter-linked climbing frames, sandpit with stationary diggers, zip line, merry-go-rounds, rock climbing hills, circular swings, buddy swings, netted swing, giant tree log swing - basically all kinds of swings. 

Then there are the slides;

Aside from the usual toddler and bigger-kid climbing frame slides, Victoria Park playground features three pretty massive slides at the top eastern side of the park. Cross over the little bridge and climb up to the top of the tall structures (if you dare!) to speed your way down any of the open or closed tunnel slides.


The skate park is situated on the South West part of the park, most easily accessed from the entrance on the corner of Park Lane and Upper Bristol Road. 

Parking + Entrance

The park can be accessed by several different entrance gates; one on Upper Bristol Road, one on the corner of Park Lane, and one on the circular park road, up by the fishpond. All can be accessed with a buggy or pushchair. Parking is free for up to an hour at Victoria Park, after that it costs £1.00 for up to two hours, £3.00 for up to three hours and £4.00 for up to four hours. Download the MiPermit app for quick payment from your phone.


Herbert's cafe offers the usual coffee, tea, cakes, snacks, and variety of cooked foods - plus a picnic table area with optional shade so you can park out all day if you want. An ice cream truck can usually be found 


The play area benefits from numerous public toilet stalls, but make sure you bring 20p. 

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