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The Makery was born is a place where people can come and learn how to be more resourceful. We wanted to create a place where things are thought of in terms of their potential; re-using what would otherwise be thrown away; getting people to look at objects in a different manner.


Want to learn a skill, have fun and make new friends? Come along to our craft workshops and dabble in everything from calligraphy to curtain making! We have workshops for those who’ve never picked up a sewing needle and more experienced crafters looking to hone their skills. You’ll be learning in a friendly environment and your tutor will ensure you get the hang of the activity in no time.

We have a number of workshops at The Makery using materials that would otherwise go to landfill. Take our ‘Children’s T-Monster parties’; the children make a monster from an old (but clean!) T-shirt. Or our furniture revamp workshop; you can learn to apply a range of techniques to your old furniture, to give it a new lease of life (And turn it into a treasured piece of furniture in the process!) It really does make a lot of sense to us and we hope you think so too. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

Our workshops give you the chance to unwind and create something you can be proud of. Are you ready to get crafty? Choose a workshop and book your place online! Our workshops run 7 days a week in various central locations in Bath, and our shop is open Wed - Sat.

Our general workshops are for adults of all ages. We have workshops specifically for children during school holidays for ages 8+ we also have workshops aimed for older children / teenagers for ages 11 - 16yrs. Or you can book a children’s party of your own. Our children’s parties are for ages 7+.

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